Spike's Diary

    A Letter to my Horse with Lordosis

    To my dear Spike (the horse with lordosis),

    It is over 6 years since I brought you home, so what better time is there than now to share this letter.

    horse lordosis

    Spike in 2011, taken days after he was bought.

    All those years ago when I was first told about you, when you were offered to me, I said no. I said no because I wasn’t looking for another horse. I didn’t need another horse. But, what I didn’t know was that there was a horse out there that was looking for me.

    If there is one thing that life has taught me thus far it is that everything happens for a reason, coincidences are more than they seem and that fate does exist. I truly believe, and no one will ever convince me otherwise, that you were made for me and that I was always meant to be your owner.

    I will admit that I didn’t have much of an idea of what I was getting myself in to when I brought you home. In fact if I am being completely honest I didn’t even know why I felt so compelled to bring you home and I probably still don’t, I just knew with all of my being that I had to.

    Spike hunting for treats (2016)

    Spike hunting for treats (2016)

    Since you came in to my life all those years ago I have learnt so many new things, not just about Lordosis and horse ownership, but also about acceptance and love and diversity.

    You have taught so many people about this rare condition that you have. You have changed misconceptions. You have made it easier for other horses like you.

    I wish that you could comprehend all of the changes you have made to my life and that you could understand how many horses you have saved and all of the lives you have made better. But you can’t, so instead I’ll spend each and every day treating you as best as I can, so that you always know how loved you are and how thankful I am.


    Your owner.