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The equestrians who’ve taken over YouTube

In the last half of 2015 I was browsing on youtube, as I often do, and I came across a video called a “tack haul”. I had never watched or even heard of this type of video before so I opened it up and found that it was an equestrian showing other equestrians a whole bunch of horse related products that they had bought.

Being the completely horse crazy person I am I decided I would do a search on more of these videos and to my surprise I found hundreds! It turns out that there is a massive equestrian youtube community… A community of horse riders (aka horse mad people) out there making everything from tack hauls, to product reviews and barn vlogs.

I have compiled a list of my top 12 favourite youtube channels just in case you’d like to check them out too (be warned: it’s addictive!):

(Please note that this list is not exhaustive, I have MANY favourite youtube channels and this is just a small selection).

1. HayIts Maya

Maya is one of my favourite youtubers. She is so down to earth and funny and her horse Luna is just beautiful!

2. Two in Tailoreds

Courtney and Breanne are twins who own a TB x WB gelding named Rumour. They post heaps of face to camera videos and barn vlogs and their quality is always amazing!

3. RaleighLink14

Raleigh is one of the bigger equestrian youtube channels. She is a trainer and has a horse named Link – her videos are sure to make you laugh!

4. Carter Sullivan

I have recently discovered Carter’s channel and I love her videos! She is so personable and Salem is such a sweety!

5. Starhorse12Channel

Mellisa uses her youtube channel to share her story about being a first time owner with her horse Azlinn who is just beautiful!

6. Nicole Equestrian

I adore Nicole’schannel. They have the best barn vlogs and are just so entertaining to watch!

7. Lauren McKinnon

Lauren is another Canadian youtuber. She does a whole bunch of different videos on her channel, including vlogs/raws of her beautiful boy Ralph!

8. The Classic Equestrian

Lees is another channel I love! She posts lots of face to camera videos as well as edits and her horse Razzy is just soo cute!

9. Therese Moser

If you want to be awed and inspired then you have to put Therese’s channel on your must watch list. Her horse is beautiful and her video quality is amazing!

10. Talicia Beardsmore

I love Talicia’s channel because she is a fellow Aussie! She recently bought a pony called Jep and she posts a tonne of videos including hauls and vlogs!

11. Montana O.

Montana’s channel is one of my new favourites… she posts a heap of barn vlogs of her and her horse Ginger who is such a cutie!

12. Eqceptional Equine

Last but certainly not least… another favourite is eqceptional equine! Em is a beginner rider taking lessons and I love watching how quickly she is progressing with her riding! She also posts a heap of face to camera videos.

And while you’re checking out all of these amazing equestrian you tubers, take some time and pop over to mine and Spikes channel too!

Do you have a favourite equestrian youtuber that isn’t on this list? Let me know who they are in the comments!


  • Reply Jessie Festa

    Awesome list! Can’t wait to check out some of these channels!

    Mar 24 at Mar 24
  • Reply ShadowProductions24

    nice! I was wondering if you could do just an Australian Youtubers list? I’ve been hunting for fellow YouTubers here in Australia and I can’t seem to find many… all I know if is myself (ShadowProductions24), BrumbyHorseWarrior95, DiamondArena09, AuzzieGalUnleashed, Being Horse, Clydie Pie, ~ChasingTheDream~, KimLightningDexter YT, Nadine Lindblom, Silent Stormz, TaylahAnd Pascal. Most of which are my friends and/or acquaintances.
    Thank you!!!

    Sep 15 at Sep 15
    • Reply ShadowProductions24

      also, I have just subscribed to you 😉

      Sep 15 at Sep 15
    • Reply alyssaknee

      Thanks so much! I can definitely do a fave Australian youtubers list 🙂

      Sep 19 at Sep 19
    • Reply Lu

      Talicia Beardsmore, Hannah Lucy, Tiff Clarke, JessicaLouise Equestrian

      Mar 14 at Mar 14
  • Reply Eqceptional Equine

    I’m honored to have been in your list, thank you! These are all amazing channels and you definitely have a great channel as well! ^_^

    Feb 26 at Feb 26
    • Reply alyssaknee

      No problem at all. Thankyou!

      Feb 26 at Feb 26

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