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Spike’s Diary: December 2016

Since being pregnant I have been pretty slack with keeping up with Spike’s diary posts. Although, not a great deal has been happening recently because of the pregnancy. I’m not working Spike or riding so he is (once again) enjoying a semi-retirement… and I am sure he really doesn’t mind! I am missing it though, and looking forward to getting back to riding in 2017 after bubs is born.

Despite all of that, a little bit has been happening this month though which I thought deserved an update! spikes diary december 2016

Spike enjoyed some naked time…

We have had a bit of rain this month and Spike managed to make a pretty decent mess of his rug so I pulled it off him and gave him some naked time.

He gets pretty bad Queensland Itch so he spends most of his time (in Winter and Summer) in a rug. So I am sure he is thoroughly enjoying not having a rug on and actually getting to roll and be a horse!

I was apprehensive as I assumed he would get filthy, but so far he’s not been too bad! We did have to put electric tape around the tree in his paddock though because as soon as the rug came off he took full advantage and went for a butt scratch – and in the process managed to rub a bald patch into his tail!

I’ve started thinking about my equestrian goals for 2017.

I’ve not been able to ride but I’ve still been thinking about it a lot, and in particular how I would manage life with a newborn and riding in 2017 (there’ll be a post on that I’m sure! But if anyone has any tips for me I am all ears!)

Right now my goal for 2017 is just to get Spike back in to work again. When we found out we were expecting Spike and I had just finished going through all of the ground training and we were basically ready to start work under saddle. Of course, that was then put on hold. So it’ll be back to the beginning for us in 2017 to do a bit of a refresher and then hopefully we will able to start the under saddle work mid-year, which I honestly don’t mind because by then it’ll be cooler anyway!

We got the proof of our book & it went on pre-sale!

Out of everything that’s happened this month the most exciting thing of all is that we got the proof of our book back! A huge dream of mine has always been to write a book to share Spike’s story so to have that happen and actually hold a physical copy in my hands is pretty incredible!

The book documents Spike’s life from the time he came to me, 5 years ago, up until now. We share a little bit of his history (the parts we do know) and stories about training, saddle fitting and even bullying. 

Aside from receiving the first ever print copy of the book, it also went on pre-sale. We’ve got 25 signed copies up for grabs (signed by yours truly and Spike, of course!). You can find our more or order a copy, here!

Before we wrap up this Spike’s Diary post….

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported myself, Spike and Brunette in Breeches during 2016. I have absolutely loved interacting with you all on the blog and on our Facebook page and Instagram and getting to know you and your horses. I hope you have a very happy and safe Christmas break and we will see you in the new year! xx


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