Spike – The Novel

spike - the novel

“I don’t remember what I was doing on the third of January 2003. I do know, though, that I was 14 years old and would have been on school holidays. I am sure that for me at the time this particular Friday was just like any other. Except it wasn’t, because on this day four tiny hooves hit the ground for the very first time and even though I didn’t know it yet, the world would never be the same again.”

This is the captivating true story of a lordotic warmblood horse, his love for anything edible & how he changed one ordinary girl’s life forever…



“In her book, Alyssa shares her heartwarming journey with her horse Spike, who has a rare physical deformity that attracts a lot of attention and curiosity – both positive and negative. She has been sharing this story in multiple forums for several years in the hopes of helping others understand what life is like for a horse like Spike, but this book and this story fulfills a much greater purpose of promoting acceptance, encouraging people to ask questions rather than pass judgment, and showing the importance of loving what is inside someone rather than just what is outside. The story of their struggles and achievements together will appeal not only to horse enthusiasts, but all animal lovers, those who are involved in rescue, and simply anyone who understands what it’s like to be different. This book is definitely a must-read that will make you feel a little better about the world and remind you that there is beauty even where you may not expect it!” – Amy B


“Alyssa’s book “Spike” is a heart-warming true story, that brings tears to your eyes! It gives you some insight to Spikes & Alyssa’s life outside of social media, while also giving some information about congenital lordosis. 10/10 would read again (or over and over again!!)” – Bridie A


“Spike is a touching Nonfictional book. This is a remarkable story of Alyssa and Spike. Spike is a horse with congenital lordosis. Alyssa is a kind hearted woman who looked past the fact spike had a condition when buying him. The book gives some information on the condition and offers an insight into life of a horse with it. It was an intriguing read and kept me turning pages. Would definitely recommend.” – Eimear D


“Spike is a true story about the many challenges equestrians can and will face but also the lengths owners will go to to help, save and simply love a horse. Spike is an educational, fun and informative read allowing owners and those interested in horses to further their knowledge especially on a topic that is unknown to most but also so rare. The novel is well written and thought out allowing an easy read. Alyssa has included many topics that most would wonder about in Spikes case. The novel includes training techniques that aren’t popular but help both the horse and rider stay safe. I rate the novel 5* out of 5*” – Kelli M




Spike – The Novel is now available to buy WORLDWIDE on Amazon as a paperback or an e-book (for Kindle & tablet!)