#saynotobarnwitches – The Movement


All equestrians at some point in their riding careers have likely experienced some form of bullying. I know I have, and I see it happening so regularly to others both on social media and in real life. This prompted me to launch the #saynotobarnwitches movement.

So what is a barn witch and what is the movement?

A ‘barn witch’ is  another term for barn bully, to put it simply it is an equestrian who bullies another equestrian. But, the #saynotobarnwitches movements aim is not to point out these barn witches, or to shame them.

The aim of the #saynotobarnwitches movement is to put an end to barn bullying by encouraging equestrians to be more considerate in their interactions with others both online and in person – be it at their barn or boarding facility or out at shows.

We are all part of this sport because we truly love it and we equestrians should be encouraging others, not bringing them down. I encourage all equestrians to seek out positive interactions with their fellow riders – compliment them, encourage them, support them.

How can I be involved in this moment?

To help spread the word and end barn bullying, we want you to get involved!

You can do this by using the hashtag #saynotobarnwitches on social media to share your barn bully experiences and how as a result of that you make your interactions with other equestrians more positive.

We would also love to feature YOUR real life stories right here on the blog… if you’ve got a negative barn bully experience that you turned into a positive and you’d like to share it please contact me here!