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6 Olympic Rider Secrets That Will Change the Way You Ride

The 2016 Olympics are well and truly over but that doesn’t mean that we still can’t marvel and learn from all the amazing equestrian talent and their horses. I’ve compiled my top 6 olympic rider secrets that will change the way you ride (in a good way, of course)!

olympic rider secrets

1. Charlotte Dujardin on knowing the importance of keeping your horse happy mentally…

“We always hack our horses after a ride. Athletes stretch, and your horse is an athlete. It’s really important you look after that. He’s your tool and your best friend.”

2. Nick Skelton on age being no barrier to success…

“It’s unbelievable, I’m speechless for once. To be in the sport all this time and win this just caps it. You always dream about this but when it actually happens it is real life.”

3. Phillip Dutton on knowing the importance of flat work…

“I credit Olympic dressage veteran Donnan Sharp with inspiring my “light-bulb moment” about this legs-not-hands concept in my first dressage lesson with her: After watching me fighting with my hands trying to get my horse round and in the bridle, she had me hold the breast-collar strap in front of the pommel of my saddle with both hands, and in five minutes my horse was soft and round because I was pushing him to my hand instead of pulling back.”

4. Carl Hester on being realistic about your skill level…

“Don’t rush your schooling and ask for too much, too soon. It’s important that your horse is strong enough to be able to do what you’re asking him to do, or he could suffer injury.”

5. George Morris on challenges…

“Horse training should never go well all the time. Stretching. Challenging. That is training.”

6. Anne Kursinski on communication…

“Most of the time, horses want to do what we tell them to do. So it’s a matter of understanding what you’re asking them and how you’re asking it. Are you sending mixed messages? The wrong message? And, when you know the right message, are you communicating it in a way your horse can understand?”

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    I love this post! Keeping your horse mentally happy really resonates with me

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