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You Know You’re An Equestrian When Pt. 2…

Our first post “You know you’re an equestrian when…” was so popular that I thought I’d put together another post! So here it is, the sequel… you know you’re an equestrian when pt. 2 …

you're an equestrian when pt. 2

  • You check your bank statements and nearly every (okay, actually every) transaction has the word horse or tack store in it
  • You totally don’t understand why your friends are grossed out when you go straight to lunch from the barn
  • You know and understand the pain of having hay everywhere (yes, even there!)
  • You think it’s perfectly acceptable to spend a few hundreds dollars on riding boots but would never dream of spending that on heels

you're an equestrian when pt. 2

  • You’ve bought treats for your horses and then tried them… everyone’s been curious right?
  • You find yourself in the gym wear section buying active wear even though you have no intention of working out… gym clothes are really made for riders and no one will ever convince me otherwise!
  • You find yourself watching a TV show or movie you wouldn’t normally watch just because it has a horse in it
  • And you then find yourself critiquing the entire TV show or movie and all the really bad writing and fake inserted horse noises (no horses do not whinny that much!)

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