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How you can use (Free) Horse Books to Further Your Knowledge

As a horse owner or carer, we can learn via many different means.  We will never know all there is to know about horses, so it’s a great challenge to keep learning as much as you can!  This can be done via:

  • Reading blogs, articles and other pieces of online information
  • Watching videos
  • Asking questions of horse owners and carers
  • Undertaking courses
  • Reading books

free horse books

Learning from Horse Books
The above list of ways to gain information is far from exhaustive.  As a plus, many of the mentioned options are free!  This particular article is going to focus on learning from horse books.  In particular, those books that are free.

An obvious way to get access to free horse books is to visit your local library and borrow.  Borrow those books on the topics that appeal to you; borrow as many books as you can.  Borrow both fiction and non-fiction books on horses.  You can learn from either type!

The Value of Fiction and Non-Fiction

Chances are, if it’s a horse topic that you want to learn about, someone has written about it!  Reading can be a great way to further your knowledge about horses.

You may be asking, but what will I read about?  Well… what don’t you know?  Too broad a question?  Then you might like to consider researching books on any of the below topics.  To make things interesting, why not choose one a month to focus on?

  1. horse nutrition
  2. horse training
  3. horse breeding
  4. conformation
  5. foals
  6. weaning
  7. dressage
  8. western riding
  9. jumping horses
  10. riding side saddle
  11. massage
  12. hoof care

Once again, this is not an exhaustive list.  And the suggested topics can be broken down much, much further!  For example, hoof care can look at farriery, barefoot trimming, diseases of the hoof, correct hoof conformation, etc.

For those who are more interested in reading fictional horse books, these are of value too!  Many contain insights into different industries – racing, breeding or the show jumping world for example.  You can learn as you are entertained.  Many equine authors are horse people themselves and they throw in a lot of educational facts for readers as well as interesting characters and plot twists.

You can direct your own learning from horse books.  Choose things that will help with your horse care, horse riding, stable management or something else.  There is no limit to what you can learn about horses and horse management.  Perhaps sustainable horse keeping is of interest to you!  There are many, many topics to research.

Downloading Free Horse Books
In this internet age, have you considered where you can acquire books for free?  The local library isn’t your only resource.  At least once a month, I personally make a visit to Amazon.

In the search bar, I simply type in horse.  Once the results are available, I then put a few filters on the search.  I make sure the only department that is showing is the kindle store.  I then go one step further and make sure the results are viewable via price: low to high.

Once this is done, I can then look through all of the available choices, starting with those priced at 0.00 or for free!  The beauty is that this list changes on a daily basis, with some that are consistently free.  Plus, you may be able to pick up something you’ve been eager to buy, but at no cost to you!

Once you’ve found any books that appeal to you, just click the link to go to that book and download it automatically to your kindle cloud / linked device.  I have hundreds of books that I can access from my phone to read at any time.  More than half are horse books!

Setting Reading Goals

If you’re like me, you have more books to read than you have time for!  And quite possibly, you’ll download more still because you just can’t resist another free horse book.  If this is the case, it’s time to set some reading goals.

If you liked the idea of focusing on one horse topic a month, why not use this to direct your goals?  Read one book a month on varying horse topics.  Or maybe one a week on a particular topic for a month.  Set yourself a goal of how many books you will read per week, month or year and give yourself some reading time.

Take advantage of opportunities to read on buses, trains, whilst waiting at an appointment or at the start or end of your day.  If you have a mobile device with you constantly, put your eBooks on here and use it when you can.

Reviewing for the Author

Because you’ve now got access to a lot of horse books and you’ve made time to read them, it’s worth considering reviews.  Many authors gain a following by feedback.  If you can take the time to leave a rating and a sentence or two about a book – in particular what you liked or what could improve it – many authors will be so thankful.

As an avid horse book reader, I also find that as I review consistently, I receive emails from authors about their latest releases.  It’s an awesome thing to get a book in advance of the release, to read and review!  Authors truly appreciate reviews, so make sure to prioritise this.  Each time you finish a book, leave a review for potential readers.  Do it at least where you acquired the book, e.g. Amazon.  Goodreads is a great place to acknowledge authors’ works, too.

The horse world is ever growing and changing.  There is always something to learn about horses.  Why not set yourself a goal to consistently learn about them?  Horse books can help you a lot along the way.  And when they’re free, well this is a bonus.


About The Author 
Christine Meunier is an equine author and educator with a Bachelor of Equine Science.  She writes educational but entertaining horse books and a blog about equine related vocations around the world.

You can find out about her horse books for adults on her website and her children’s series on her Facebook page.



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