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Goal Setting For The Equestrian + FREE Worksheet!

We are well and truly into the new year now and I am sure that there are a tonne of you who have started thinking about what you want to achieve in 2016 in relation to your riding. If you are anything like me then in previous new years you would have thought about your new years resolutions on a whim… maybe though “oh this year I’d like to do x, y & z” and then promptly forgotten about this resolution only to remember it at the end of the year and think oops! But not this year, this year we are doing an exercise in equestrian goal setting …

equestrian goal setting

This year I want to help you achieve your riding goals and I want to make sure that you see your new years resolutions through. So I have put together a worksheet for setting SMART goals.

SMART goals are goals that have been broken down into 5 stages and the reason that they are so effective is that they make us delve deeper in to our goals, help us to find out exactly what we want to achieve and then set a plan about how exactly we will get there.

The 5 stages of setting SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time based.

Let’s go through each of these steps…


This is where we define exactly what it is we want to achieve and like the title suggests we need to be specific. Write one sentence about your goal and then try and expand on it.


This is where we say why we want to achieve this goal and why it is important to us. Knowing why we want to do something is really important because it helps us determine if it is something worth seeing through, or like other new year resolutions, if it was just made up on a whim.


This is the section of the plan where we decide whether our goal is attainable and where we outline the steps that we will take to get to the end result. Remember that you can have large goals (overall goals) and mini goals (sub goals). The sub goals are smaller things we must check off that will help us to achieve our overall goal, so make sure you include those too!


This is where we outline whether the sub goals you have created are relevant to your overall goal – will they help you achieve your overall goal or are they sending you off on an alternate path? This category is also for defining how you know that you can achieve this goal (hint – your sub goals you have just created will get you there!).


This part helps us to put a time frame around when we want to achieve our goals – remember to put time frames on your sub goals and your overall goal. The key is to make them realistic!

Now you have an overview of exactly what SMART goals are, you can have a go at using the format to set your goals for 2016. I have created a FREE SMART goals planner which you can download HERE. It will help you to plot, plan and carry out your 2016 riding goals!

If you would like further support you can also join my Riding Goals facebook group where I support equestrians through achieving their riding goals!


  • Reply Christy F

    This is a great post! I like the idea of SMART Goals! I will definitely keep that in mind with my goals this new year!

    Jan 09 at Jan 09
  • Reply M

    This is an awesome guide– I think I’ll revise my goals with your SMART tactic and see if I can improve them! 🙂 Happy new year!

    Jan 08 at Jan 08
  • Reply Paola

    Thank you for sharing this method! I will certainly use it to keep me on track!

    Jan 07 at Jan 07
  • Reply Cecelia

    By far my favorite goal setting method <3

    Jan 07 at Jan 07
  • Reply Tess Robinson

    Great article!! Thanks for the link to facebook group. Going to check it out!

    Jan 06 at Jan 06
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