How old is Spike?

Spike is 14 years old – his birthday is the 3rd of January 2003.

What breed is Spike?

He is a Warmblood x Thoroughbred. His sire was a warmblood (Statford Gerome) and his dam was a TB (Giggling).

What is Spike’s registered name?

Spike’s registered name is Revelwood Geronimo. Before he came to me his nickname was Gerry!

When and why did you buy Spike?

I purchased Spike in April 2011, sight unseen. I wasn’t looking to purchase another horse at the time but I felt that there was something special about him and that I ‘needed’ to buy him, so I did!

What is wrong with Spike’s back?

He has a congenital condition called Equine Lordosis.

Lordosis effects the vertebrae at the horses wither and causes the spine to have a swayed appearance.


Does Lordosis cause him pain or have any negative side effects?

No, Spike doesn’t suffer any pain as a result of his Lordosis. It has no negative side effects on him whatsoever. It just causes him to look different to a normal horse.

Can his Lordosis be treated?

No, as it’s a congenital condition which develops prior to birth in utero. However, despite the severity of his sway Spike functions like a normally conformed horse (his back doesn’t effect him at all!).

Can he be ridden?

Yes, Spike has been cleared for riding. He was left to mature (until age 7) before he was started to ensure that he was fit and able to perform under saddle.

What type of riding do you do?

As Spike was started late I have been focusing on his re-education and ensuring that he knows (and is good at!) all the basic groundwork necessary to be ridden. He was bred for dressage and jumping, the majority of his full brothers/sisters compete to Grand Prix level! In the time I have had him he has always been a pleasure horse but I would love to try some dressage or jumping with him.

Do you have a saddle for him?

Yes. We have a custom fitted WintecLite D’Lux model saddle. In addition, we also need to use a custom swayback pad (made from high density foam) to ensure a proper fit.