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    Queesland Itch: How I treat it featuring Forever Living products

    If you horse gets Queesland Itch (or Sweet Itch) you would know how difficult it can be to try and prevent and treat it. We always make sure Spike is rugged and he has a supplement to help boost his immune system and help him fight the bug bites but each season he still tends to get a little bit of itch, especially around his neck and face.

    This itch season I have been using products by Forever Living to treat Spikes itchy spots and I have to say I am impressed!

    forever living

    My favourite products

    Aloe Gelly – the aloe gelly is a fantastic product to use of any itchy spots when you first notice them begin to appear. It is a gel formula so it is lovely and soothing, because this gelly helps to soothe the itch it causes the horses to want to scratch less.


    Propolis Creme – the propolis creme is an aloe and bee propolis blend and can be used on itchy spots when they begin to dry out or if the horse has rubbed off skin. This is the product I have been reaching for the most as I have found it super hydrating which seems to be best for Spikes itch. It’s a lovely thick consistency and so it wears really well.


    Forever Shield – comes in a rub on stick. This is a fantastic product to use on any exposed areas of your horse that aren’t covered by rugs, like around their muzzles. It helps to soothe any itchy/dry spots and also helps keep the bugs off of those exposed areas.


    Aloe Hand & Face Soap – this product is an amazing shampoo. I use a little bit in a bucket of water and use a sponge to apply it to Spike. It is so moisturizing and makes his coat look amazing! After I wash him I follow up with the spray.


    Aloe First Spray – you need to partly dry off the horse before you apply this product. I love it because it’s a further layer of moisturizer, which is super important for horses who get dry and itchy skin. It also acts as an amazing coat conditioner.


    The Verdict

    I can only say good things about the Forever Living Range. The products are all made from aloe vera and are natural, which I love. I don’t like to use chemical based products on my horse unless I really have to and so these products have been a life saver for us.

    I have had excellent results using the gelly and the propolis to treat the few itchy spots that Spike has got this year which have mostly been around his neck and on his face. I have preferred the propolis over the gelly, as Spikes itchy spots are always very flaky and dry and the propolis is very moisturizing. I have also noticed that using these products to help reduce the itchiness has encouraged the hair to grow back (especially around his ears!).

    The fantastic thing about the Forever Living products is their versatility. These products can be used to treat your horses Queesland Itch but can also be used on other pets and humans as well!

    If your horse suffers with Queensland Itch and you are looking for products to use to help treat it then I would definitely recommend having a look at the Forever Living range!

    All of these products, as well as plenty more natural aloe based products, can be found at