My mission at Brunette in Breeches is to educate equestrians about congenital lordosis and share Spike’s journey. We want to inspire & encourage equestrians to go after their riding goals, whatever they may be. Due to Spike’s lordosis we have faced many challenges and understand what it takes to achieve your riding goals despite any road blocks you may encounter. 

About the Blog

Welcome to Brunette in Breeches! BiB is an equestrian lifestyle blog where I post about my journey with my Lordotic horse Spike (you can read more about lordosis including what it is and how it effects the horses who have it here).

During the time that I have owned Spike we have faced many challenges, the biggest is the misconception that due to his lordosis he can never be a “normal” horse and do what a “normal” horse does. We have overcome many of these challenges and are working toward accomplishing all our riding goals and exceeding expectations.

On the blog, you’ll find Spike’s Diary which details where we are up to with his training and our goal to get in to the dressage ring – the good, the bad and all the bits in between! In addition to Spike’s Diary, there will be all sorts of other equine related posts designed to help you including product reviews, educational pieces, rider interviews, inspiring stories and little bits and pieces inspired by everything in my life that is equine!

Brunette in Breeches is not just a platform for me to share my equine story and experiences with you, but also for you to share yours with me. I would love to get to know you a little more, so feel free to come and say hi on social media or send me mail!

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About Me

I’m Alyssa! I’m 28 years old and live in the Hunter Valley, NSW (Australia). I grew up in a small country town in north-west NSW called Lightning Ridge, and I am a country girl at heart. I love to ride horses (obviously!) and be outdoors having adventures and experiencing new things.

I am engaged to the best person I know and we just bought our first home, which we share with our fur babies Felix (he’s a bobtail cat), Cloe and Lilly (they’re bitzers!) AND or first daughter, Clara (who I am hoping inherits my love of horses!)

I have been riding since my teens and have been lucky enough to own many very special horses but none more special than my current equine best friend, Spike. You’ve already heard a little bit about him but here’s a little more just in case you were interested…He’s a 14yo WB gelding and he has a congenital condition called Lordosis. He was broken at age 7 as his then owner wanted to make sure he had matured before asking him to do any work and he comes from a line of very successful horses (his brothers and sisters are Grand Prix show jumpers and dressage horses!). His favourite treats are licorice and BBQ flavoured rice biscuits, and if you were to give him either of these you would have won a friend for life!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading our blog just as much as we enjoy writing it! x

about brunette in breeches